My name is Henny Seroeyen. That my real name is equal to my branding will become clear as you read along the lines of this file. I was born in Belgium on a sunny day: June 27th. As a kid I dreamt of becoming an actor, a model and so much more... dreams that are starting to become my reality....

I am a model/actor from 2000 onwards. I did modelling for several underwear and fashion brands such as Emporio Armani, Nicky Vankets and more, and acted in different roles such as a fighter, soldier, gangster, stunt man, personal trainer, fitness model, lover in both national and international movies and series, along with a leading role in the Belgian Movie and Tv Series (Scripted Reality): “De Buurtpolitie”. The variety of parts really establihed me as an actor and learned me to adapt very easily to any part I need to play.

In the healthy and fitness world I like to display my sports physique and dedication trough my modelling work as a fitness model and as a bodyweight athlete that does vlogs for ‘Muscle And Fitness NL’. As an inspirator of healthly life, I got awarded at several international compititions. Last year (2016) I became the Overall Winner Fit Model at the UK Bodypower ModelSearch 2016 Competition, as a first timer to this kind of competitions. Later that year I did become winner at Fit Model Arnold Classic Europe 2016, in Barcelona.


You only get one shot at making a first impression, showing your motivation and seriousness to the people you are working or are about to work with, is something I do think about in my very step in my life day in en out. As a model/actor it is therefore really important that my appearance is directly a good and right one.

As I have accomplished already a lot through modelling projects such as for example Emporio Armani underwear Benelux, Nicky Vankets fashion designer (BE), Victor Tung Fashion designer (US), Venum fighting gear, and many more all around the world, I learned very well how to present myself and represent that brand that I am working for. As for my acting I have gone from combat fighting scenes in international movies to a gentle lover in a romantic setting. In Belgium I encountered a lead role in the scipted reality tv serie, “De Buurtpolitie”, as well as the movie, inspired by the tv series. I played in various roles, from the bad ass gangster to the stunt man or the police officer. Also parts in music videos, and teleision commercials, gave me the capability of working in different environments, and teams. Just saying... that every opportunity and diversity can be considered.


Sports really set out my path. So far I have mastered several sports and sports techniques. Starting as a bodyweight athlete, I was always curious and open to all sorts of sports. For example Martial Arts was one of the disciplines that really had me going as I started to learn it. As from there, I very quickly became an instructor in Martial Arts for both civilians, as well as a military instructor for the Belgian army. I am also a big fan of skiing, roadworks, fitness, cycling and many more sports, a great way to keep my body in shape, a naturally toned body that gets me amazing modelling opportunities.

I have travelled all around the world for expositions, shoots, commericials and promtional jobs. And being awarded two golden titles last year at international competions really gets me going even more. As a naturally toned mucular body type, I also make training pictures/videos for different magazines and online fit supported brands.


I am not just Henny Seroeyen, but would like to see myself as a brand and a social media influencer to lots of different people out there. That social media is really important to day, and especially for me, became more and more clear as I evolved in my career. Only the social media platforms and personal networking are the reason behind all of my achivements and the opportunities that have crossed my path so far. I never worked with any agency, so I would like to call myself a self-made-men.

Therefore I work every day on my social media channels, through direct and indirect product placements and motivational posts (pictures/vidos) to keep my followers and potential clients hungry for more, while always give them great goals and sets to work with on sports, healthy life and physique. I really want people to open their eyes and help them to enable them to see that they can accomplish big things themselves.

Therefore I can only thank my sponsors and the big names that believe in me and work along with me such as Training Mask, Olimp Sport Nutrition, Venum, Muscle And Fitness, Infinit and... hopefully you in the near future.

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